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The Church of Denmark continues to maintain the historical episcopate.

Theological authority is vested in bishops: ten bishops in mainland Denmark and one in Greenland, each overseeing a diocese.

Both parochial councils and vicars are, however, subordinate to bishops.

A special feature is the possibility of creating voluntary congregations (valgmenighed) within the Church. They are voluntary associations, electing their own parochial council and vicar, whom they agree to pay from their own pockets. The voluntary congregation and its vicar are subordinate to bishops, and members remain full members of the Church.

There are no archbishops; the most senior bishop (primus inter pares) is the Bishop of Copenhagen, currently Peter Skov-Jakobsen.

The further subdivision includes 111 deaneries and 2,200 parishes. Each parish has a parochial council, elected by church members in four-year terms.

There is no archbishop; the Bishop of Copenhagen acts as a primus inter pares.

The Church of Denmark is organized in eleven dioceses, each led by a bishop, including one for Greenland (the Faroe Islands was a twelfth diocese until 29 July 2007).

Tidehverv is a minor fraction based on a strict Lutheranism and anti-modern, national-conservative views.

The Communion Service includes three readings from the Bible: a chapter from one of the Gospels, from one of the Epistles or another part of the New Testament and, since 1992, from the Old Testament.

Texts are picked from an official list following the church year.

Some will simply mention "the Queen and all her House" whereas others will list all members of the royal house by name and title.

The sermon, as in other Protestant churches, is a central part of the service.

Historically, when a parish was dominated by a conservative majority and rector, the liberal minority would often set up a voluntary congregation with their own rector - and vice versa.