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To get Martin on board, Allen had to make him a partner in the series.Martin ended up making more money from playing Matt Helm than Sean Connery made from playing 007.. It even comes with a rotating circular bed that will drop its occupants into a large bubble bath.The 40something Charisse does two sexy numbers in this movie, lip-synching to the vocals of Vicki Carr.She'll definitely raise the blood pressure of any red-blooded male.

It had created quite a craze for both serious and campy spy fare.

I'm not going to give much more about the movie away.

James Bond isn't the only secret agent with gadgetry.

and its three sequels, however, would be more tongue in cheek and lighthearted.

Dean Martin's Matt Helm was essentially Dean Martin.Matt Helm has several gadgets, including a reversible shooting gun and exploding coat buttons, in his arsenal to use against his foes in Big O. Dino also croons several of his tunes throughout this film as certain moments unfold. People looking for a more serious and insightful spy thriller are not going to find it here.