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06-Oct-2017 06:20

The past year and my day-to-day routine were behind me.

A friendly employee from “Sin barreras” accompanied me as a VIP and made sure I reached the airport exit safe and sound with my tons of luggage, where my transport to the hotel was waiting for me.

The winner was Heiko Hohner, Peter Kopetzky came second and Alfred Sina was able to tie up third place.

The sixth training camp has already been planned for 15th to 22rd August 2018.

Hans-Joachim Fischer (founder and CEO of the Mar y Sol Hotel) received on 4th December 2017 the “Roosevelt Association Award for barrier-free tourism and inclusive leisure time facilities”.

The award was presented to him by Benjamin Prieto Valencia (President of the provincial government of Cuenca).

In terms of construction and facilities, the Mar y Sol is simply fantastic.

Given that it is on a hillside, it doesn't seem as large as it actually is.

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The icing on the cake was the fifth Mar y Sol friendly wheelchair table tennis tournament that took place on Tuesday 22nd August 2017.

All in all, my stay was fantastic, meeting a lot of memorable people and having a wonderful time.

It’s a shame that Ute and Samira weren’t there this time. When I got off the plane in Tenerife, my wheelchair was at the door, I had all my luggage and the sun was shining - as it almost always is in the south of the island. I had arrived to another world to one of the islands of eternal springtime.

Konrad is responsible for the phrase “Hey, it’s great the number of things you can do in a wheelchair!

”, once he had overcome the first lessons in balance and equilibrium and was able to focus on the many different possibilities of the wheelchair.

Next year’s aim is again for inclusion, and the goal is for wheelchair users and those able to walk to train together and measure their skills.