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Much of the early Brodie records were destroyed when Clan Gordon pillaged and burnt Brodie Castle in 1645.

It is known that the Brodies were always about since records began.

This name derives from the Saxon ‘beornheard’ meaning ‘bear hand’ often translated as ‘brave warrior’.

They settled in Wales and Cumberland initially, though some of the Welsh line later travelled to Ireland and are the ancestors of the Earls of Cork and Shannon.

In 1124 Hugh de Morvile was granted the (More...) Early Clan History origins of the clan The origins of the Brodie clan are mysterious.

Origins and history Anderson is an English and Scottish patronymic surname, meaning ’son of Andrew‘.

In this form, it is more common in the Lowlands, but it is widespread in Scotland in different forms.

Clan Arthur and Clan Campbell share a common origin, and at one point the Mac Arthurs challenged the seniority of (More...) Origins of Name The Bannerman name is said to have originated in the privilege of carrying the king’s banner in wartime, an honour the Bannermans had from approximately the 11th through the 13th century.