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29-Nov-2017 22:44

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These are the best cold weather boots i ever owned. Paid 5 dollars for a 3 day shipping but I got a 1 day shipping service instead. The water I poured into it didn't have any bad taste and it's easy to drink out of.Fast shipping and great price .excellent quality boot. Excellent quality, and Gore-Tex material is perfect. I have some commercial pants more expensive and less quality. Build quality is perfect and of course nothing has frayed or ripped yet.It may be a true "everything" jacket in times of dire straights. My search for eye protection ended right here with the Crossbows, and particularly with this item from this seller. I was stoked to see that it really did come with both the clear and dark lenses.The zipper vents will help cool you if you don't want to take it all the way off. These lenses ordered from the ESS website are 100 bucks a piece! The first thing you should do when you get these is rip out the foam around the outside to expose the air vents. Some how he just doesn't sweat in them & he loves them. There have been some light surface scratches from a few close shots, but nothing terrible (I can still see out of them perfectly) and hey - their job is to protect my eyes which they do.These lenses ordered from the ESS website are 100 bucks a piece!I also ordered the Suppressor frame and stuck my dark lens in it - the Crossbow Suppressor frame is ultra thin so you can wear them with ear muffs. I bought them for warm weather hiking and wading through creeks and marshes for deer hunting. I have dunked them in the water a few times and the water drains out pretty well.

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As far as I know, this pack was discontinued either in 2014 or 2015 and it went onto Source's outlet/clearance section for awhile before actually being sold out. These boots are very beautiful That's for sure as well as being comfortable as much as both the users and would be users anticipate them to be. Without a doubt this is the most comfortable, well made system I have ever purchased. It has my highest recommendation,"Genuine Issue" is misleading, I think it's a brand, this is NOT the Sekri brand used in the military.