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According to Kana Mitra in her article "Theologizing Through History?

" "-- name and form [due to transcendent preoccupation] -- is one of the reasons for not putting down a name or date in many of our writings.

Argentina, which means 'related to silver,' is thought to have been named after Arjuna (of silver hue), one of the heroes of that great epic.

India's Puranic histories are, however, questionable to the rationalist.

In their view, only those human events that serve to promote transcendental knowledge are worth recording.

Although empiricists are justified in dismissing them from their viewpoint, the so-called myths and their followers are also justified in dismissing the empiricist's insistence that empirical evidence is final.

Perhaps the development of Western civilization and the Protestant ethic, which many of the West are now coming to abhor, have gotten in the way of the spiritual development of humanity.

Perhaps many technological developments, while making physical contact with other cultures more possible, have distanced us from one another in a deeper sense.

Wilfred Cantwell Smith, author of Theology and the World's Religious History, "History tells an intriguing tale, one that ultimately may provide the greatest support for a spiritual worldview. An example of this is the "common knowledge" that Columbus discovered America.The Puranasdownplay in particular the mere recording of mundane events.