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Filed: October 23, 2017 Effective: October 23, 2017 through April 17, 2018 Amend: 441-850-0005 Is amended to apply definitions from chapter 850 to chapter 890 and to clarify certain exemptions under the act.Filed: October 20, 2017 Effective: October 20, 2017 through April 17, 2018 If you are interested in receiving notices of all Division of Financial Regulation administrative rule changes, please sign-up via the link below and select "Proposed Rules" and "Recently Adopted Rules" Email notification This electronic notification service is used to send notifications of all administrative rule changes per ORS 183.335(8).Please note each subscriber must keep their subscription choices and email address up to date to ensure they receive the appropriate notices.

Filed: December 08, 2017 Effective: December 08, 2017 Amend: OAR 836-053-0015 OAR 836-053-0015 reinforces the definition of a small employer to mean an employer who employed not more than 50 and at least one full-time equivalent employee on the first day of the plan year and revises the Exhibit to the rule to provide clarification of the counting methodology to establish a small group.Filed: December 28, 2017 Effective: January 1, 2018 Adopt: OAR 441-820-0010 Establishes the application process for obtaining a debt buyer license.These proposed rules implement House Bill 2356 (2017).Age of Majority in Oregon States have their minor laws designating the "age of majority," or the age at which a citizen is considered an adult in the eyes of the law. Minors under the age of 18 still retain certain rights and responsibilities in specific circumstances.

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For instance, a 14-year old can consent to mental health treatment under Oregon law.HB 2356 requires specific persons regularly engaged in purchasing charged off debt for the purposes of collection obtain a license from the Department of Consumer and Business Services.