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23-Oct-2017 14:28

Got a question about etiquette in the digital world? (CNN) -- Obvious observation number one: Judging by the high response rate of our last two columns on online dating, it sure seems like a lot of you out there are looking for love.

Obvious observation number two: Regardless of whether you agree with our advice, tons of you still have a lot of burning, itching questions regarding how to succeed in the digital-dating realm.

I am the sort that wants to keep his network "up-to-date" and "organized," but I don't want to be insensitive to his family should they be checking his forwarded email.

I don't think this guy had much family (divorced with son) and I think his son would control his digital legacy.

Before you start ranting and foaming at us about inner beauty, blah, blah, blah, we're not talking about how lustrous your mane is or how exquisite your bone structure. what pictures you choose when baiting the hook that catches the fish of love (mmm, wriggly).

Here are six examples of what will get you tossed back into the sea. Baby on board Why they're clicking "next": Featuring a picture with a baby does not make you look sensitive, it makes you look like you have a child. If you happen to look really winning in your nephew's birthday snap and you can't possibly crop the tot, go ahead and include it in your gallery (not as your profile pic) and make sure to explain its origins in the caption.

Otherwise, you're that weird dude/girl at a "Dora The Explorer" bash.

However, if you do, in fact, have a child, by all means let all future Daddy Warbuckses and Maria Rainers know. The wo/man behind the mask Why they're clicking "next": Including a picture from this year's Halloween extravaganza can be a great way to show potential soul mates your "fun side." However, when your profile snap depicts you dressed as Hunter S.

Neal provides social media strategy consulting and coaching, having worked with Fortune 500 companies and a Grammy-award winning musician.

At the bottom of each contact you should see options to Tag, Message, and More.

Selecting “More” will give you the ability to remove a connection as pictured below: Removing a Linked In connection through either of the above two methods will yield the same result.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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It is amazing how often I get asked this question of how to disconnect from someone and remove Linked In connections from my own personal network.

Thompson in "Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas" when most days you're adorned in chinos and polos, the ladies -- they get confused. More than one's a crowd Why they're clicking "next": We're going to refrain from telling you at this juncture to cut out any pics of you and your ex (because if we have to tell you that, you're likely not over your ex, and you should likely not be online dating).

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