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Far more challenging to play than the Plains Flute or Woodlands Flute, the instrument termed the Anasazi Flute dates back in the archaeological record to the 7th century.Still made today by modern Pueblo cultures as well as non-Native flutemakers, this Ancestral Pueblo Flute will reward the diligent student with an incomparable sound.Everything from small ancient farming communities to tremendous cities with vast systems of roads and waterways are hallmarks of the Southwest, and the historic and modern Peoples of this region include: Acoma Pueblo, Ak Chin, Aranama, Cochiti Pueblo, Cotoname, Comecrudo, Cocopa, Chiricahua Apache, Cochimi, Coahuiltecan, Genízaro, Hohokam, Hopi, Havasupai, Hano, Hualapai, Halchidhoma, Isleta Pueblo, Jemez Pueblo, Jicarilla Apache, Jumano, Kavelchadhom, Keres, Karankawa, Lipan Apache, Los Luceros, Laguna Pueblo, Maricopa, Mojave, Mamulique, Mescalero Apache, Manso, Navajo, Nambé Pueblo, Ohkay Owingeh, Pojoaque Pueblo, Pima Bajo, Pima, Pueblo, Piro, Picuris Pueblo, Quems, Qahatika, Quechan, San Carlos Apache, Solano, San Ildefonso Pueblo, Suma, Santa Clara Pueblo, Southern Athabaskan, San Felipe Pueblo, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Santa Ana Pueblo, Sandia Pueblo, Taos Pueblo, Tamique, Towa, Tiwa, Tesuque Pueblo, Toboso, Tonto Apache, Tohono O'odham, Tewa, Ubate, Walapai, White Mountain Apache, Western Apache, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, Yaqui, Yavapai, Zuni and Zia Pueblo.Whether you have deep Indigenous roots in the Southwest, or none at all, Native Flutes Walking encourages you to learn all you can about the original inhabitants of this part of the continent.Archaeologists date the findings at Broken Flute Cave from 1620 - 1670 AD.Two of the flutes were tied together with yucca fiber, one was stuffed with a corn cob, and others with yucca fiber. Some bore decorations of the feathers of Stellar's Jays, Pinyon Jays and Sapsuckers.American Indians in the United States are the indigenous peoples in North America within the boundaries of the present-day continental United States, parts of Alaska, and the island state of Hawaii.

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Try to keep your records in an orderly fashion, so you can locate them in the future.

Though two of the flutes were broken, the others could still be played and their notes were subsequently determined by researchers.

Each of the flutes had six holes and were rim blown.

'Anasazi' it a term historically applied by archaeologists to a culture which inhabited the Four Corners Region of the American Southwest, including major sites just as Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde and Canyon de Chelly.

The word 'Anasazi' is a Dine (Navajo) word meaning something along the lines of 'ancient enemy' - not a flattering term, in other words, and certainly not the name used by these ancestral Four Corners people to describe themselves.

Of most interest to musicians is Morris' excavation of 16 caves in North-Eastern Arizona and the finding of some truly ancient flutes.

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