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Still, even thinking back on my own adult experiences, every single time (like, literally, every. time.) I thought I was receiving mixed signals from someone I was interested in, it ended up being a clear signal they weren’t as into me as I wanted them to be.And every time I’ve been accused of delivering mixed signals, it ultimately was due to me just not being as into them as they wanted me to be.I believe there are three major reasons for this kind of behavior.You, as a guy, should respond to each behavior accordingly: They have no idea that their friendliness appears to be as flirting and a sign of interest. What does matter is that it’s clearly unsafe and you should just land at another airport. Misinterpreting signals when seeing someone might lead to a few cringe-worthy midnight runs to Wendy’s, a series of passive-aggressive Facebook statuses, and perhaps even the creation and recording of an album. But a real actual pilot who does real actual pilot shit. It’s 10pm and there’s a storm, so the visibility isn’t great, but it’s nothing you haven’t experienced before. Because while you’ve flown in bad weather before, you might need some assistance landing. You were told twice to land and once not to land under any circumstances, so you shouldn’t know what to do. It could be anything — terrorists, Kirk Cameron, a gaggle of talking geese pissed at humans for interrupting their flight patterns — but that doesn’t really matter now.

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The people giving you mixed signals just turned out not being as interested in you as you thought they were (or hoped they would be).

Unless you are looking to hang out or have a very light fun with her, you will setting yourself up for disappointment.

On one hand, women want to make their interest clear, but at the same time they are really concerned about coming across as desperate, and therefore are trying cover up their signs of interest with signs of lack of interest especially if they deal with the guy they like and would like to attract.

Also, the signals people give tend to be less unambiguous than “” It’s easier to get confused when a person’s eyes and actions are saying one thing but their actual words are saying another.

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And it’s even more confusing when that ambiguity is coming from someone you actually know and like.

This kind of woman is “getting off” on being admired, and she is generally bad news.

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