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18-Nov-2017 15:06

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When asked: what should we do, I replied: just listen to John Gray. It was a great surprise when a few hours later, I opened my mail and saw John Gray's book with a handwritten note from him. Had I written a book about the black swan idea almost nobody would have read it. A man is morally free when, in full possession of his living humanity, he judges the world, and judges other men, with . How about the reverse: you do not become free by acting intransigent; those who are free have the obligation to be intransigent.

People think that I wrote TBS to communicate my ideas about human errors, epistemic arrogance, complexity, and high-impact uncertainty. I wrote a book to talk about Yevgenia, Lebanon, Casanova; I wanted to express my love for il Deserto and my outrage for the very existence of frauds like Robert Merton le petit. Some people think they attend the opera for the story. Language is largely made to show-off, gossip, confuse people, delude them, charm them, seduce them, scare them, exploit them, etc. Fat Tony to Nero: "Being self owned is a state of mind".

It entered the vocabulary in 1924 --but initially referred to the harm caused by the doctor in causing distress to the patient while informing him about his ailment.

[ I encountered the same insults later with the charlatan Philippe Jorion who considers not wanting to be a turkey "nihilism".

Which puts the Western World today at the most dangerous point in its history: unless we get the Bernanke-Summers crowd out of there, it will eventually be destroyed by the machinery of arrogant, formal-thinking civil servants, and Ivy-league semi-retards.

PS- I went on a European radio to express my ideas.

It is a fact that in the real world of our daily decision-making 1) (one side is more harmful than the other), so the burden of evidence is one-sided.

Which is why once these fakes "doing science" lose their tenures after the endowments (and charity) run out of funds, they will be barely fit to do anything in the real-life ecology.I wonder what you can do with an unemployed, say, academic orthodox economist.

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The characters he portrays are most often professional men such as lawyers or government functionaries and are frequently antagonists.… continue reading »

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Dla mnie argumenty feminizmu nigdy nie powinny wchodzić w czyjś obraz.… continue reading »

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Guest Stars: Mark Zuckerberg, Muhammad Yunus and Chris Hansen Lisa coaches Bart's Little League baseball team to a record winning streak by putting her book smarts in statistics and probability into play.… continue reading »

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