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13-Sep-2017 15:48

Using mobile devices or webcams to record the media, a victim is lured into sending photos or videos to the abuser, who may also pretend to be a teenager.

Voluntary involvement, however, frequently turns into involuntary participation as the abuser turns to coercive measures to obtain valuable new material.

The traditional distinction between commercial and non-commercial distribution, which cast the former as largely profit driven and conducted by those with limited sexual interest in children, is no longer as obvious.

It is weakened by the fact that offenders with a sexual interest in children who produce and distribute CAM are becoming entrepreneurial, exploiting developing technologies CSE offenders continue to exploit currently available technology, coupled with anonymous networks to hide their activities from LE attention.

is no longer an emerging trend but an established crime, the proliferation of which is expected to further increase in the near future.

Child sexual abusers continue to exploit technology that enables the streaming of live images and video in many different ways.

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The low cost to consumers of pay-per-view child sexual abuse makes it possible to order and view the abuse regularly without the need for downloading.

This represents a significant driver for such a modus operandus to become even more widespread.