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He uses them and there cannon to force the enemy into making the first move.

This results in an overwhelming victory for the Zulu's.

Al regresar a Ciudad del Cabo, Adiós y la delegación zulú están encarcelados por Lord Somerset.

Shaka descubre que su esposa ha dado a luz a un hijo.

Senzangakona, now king of the Zulus takes her as his wife.

However, he continually abuses Nandi until one day Shaka can take any more and threatens to kill his father. Senzangakona invites him to return to Zululand and become the heir apparent.

Nandi and Shaka flee and return to her people, but find themselves the object of scorn. Shaka returns, but disrupts a ceremony and is forced to flee for his life.

He is taken in by another tribe and trains as a soldier.

Nandi however falls ill and Shaka begs Fynn to save his mother.However, the men are restless and wish to return home.