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03-Nov-2017 13:32

Slip into Something More Comfortable: Miss Dupree says this when she invites Mr Elliot over.

Of course the something more comfortable is overalls since she wanted help with painting her walls.

Of course, the very next cut is to a discussion the day before, where Alex is told about Ed’s puree.

Replica Hermes Birkin Sassy Black Woman: Winnie black, feisty and hugely aggressive.

Driven to Suicide: Adelle’s father shoots himself after opening day of Crew Island thanks to the Great Depression robbing him of almost all potential visitors, and having no money left to his name.

The Film of the Book: Based on a 1995 novel by Steven Pressfield.

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Grey and Grey Morality: No side seems to be good, though admittedly that’s through lack of information.Lady of War: Kar Shekar, vice commander of the Brahmans.

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