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According to his owner, Captain the Pug loves Petsmart more than anything!

After the owner tells Captain where they are going, the pug reacts in the most unlikely, yet adorable way imaginable!

The conflict between the two Afghans is elemental, a personal confrontation that makes the broader picture of a stable Afghanistan seem distant, almost irrelevant.

Despite his commitment to the counterinsurgency mission, Mitchell has a cynical mindset and justifies playing various groups against each other in order to give the Afghans a fighting chance at a better existence before Coalition troops must leave.

During an overwatch mission on the road, Sanders and his team are ambushed by the Taliban.

They encounter a village elder who shelters them from the pursuing Taliban under the tribal Afghan code of Pashtunwali.

Her makeup is impeccable -- barring one small flaw.

It doesn’t perfectly match the shade of her prosthetic nose.

Her long dark hair flows thick, smooth and enviable.Here I was directly exposed to a market that appreciated your work," she said.