Acceptable age gap dating

23-Jun-2017 01:37

Researchers found that “men of 40, 50, 60 all seemed to show an interest in partners for sexual fantasies and casual affairs that extended down into the mid to late 20s.” As the study shows, the expectations in a relationship determine the “appropriate” age gap. If you’re 20 years old and not looking for a serious commitment, do you and your 35-year-old partner have a “no strings attached” agreement?

Or will the age gap pressure you to start a family or to make sacrifices you don’t want to make?

This was a friendship that would lead to Ruth asking Boaz to marry her.

Boaz would be somewhat surprised that she would pick him as he was much older than Ruth.

No one else can tell you or prescribe for you what is best than God through the Holy Spirit.

In many ways it would make searching for a mate a little simpler if we knew exact parameters to follow.

So if you are 28 years old, you can be with anyone who is at least 21 years old.

What many people may not be aware of, however, is the rule that defines a maximum age boundary.

You’re looking for someone older and more mature, right?

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Or perhaps you’re waiting to find the right person to keep your energy youthful and your life adventurous.

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