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The historic urban fabric of the town is intact, despite some insensitive insertions made during the Soviet period.

The main factor affecting the physical integrity of monuments is the rising ground water level.

Criterion (iv): The buildings of Shakhrisyabz, notably the Ak-Sarai Palace and the Tomb of Temur, are outstanding examples of a style which had a profound influence on the architecture of this region.

Integrity All the original components of the medieval town including the unique architectural monuments and traditional houses built during the Temurid period are located within the boundaries of the property which is defined by the alignment of the city walls.

Extra funds would be required from the state for restoration projects such as that of the city walls.

It is necessary to develop a comprehensive conservation and management plan in order to ensure the long-term safeguarding of the property.

Criterion (iii): Shakhrisyabz contains many fine monuments, and in particular those from the Temurid period, which was of great cultural and political significance in medieval Central Asia.The relevant legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides sufficient protection for the property and regulates the new urban developments in the historical centre.The property is managed by the Regional Inspection for Protection and Utilization of Cultural Heritage Sites under the Ministry of Culture and Sports with participation of regional authorities.The Ak-Sarai Palace construction began in 1380, the year following Temur's conquest of Khorezm, whose artisans were deported to work on the palace and provide its rich decoration.

Although Samarkand may boast a great many Temurid monuments, not one can rival the Ak-Sarai Palace in Shakhrisyabz.Construction of elements continued in Shakhrisyabz throughout different time periods, lending a unique character to the place by the succession of different architectural styles.

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