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Developments in one area have been quickly reflected in the others.

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Though these kings were Hindu by religion, Buddhist monuments form the great majority of surviving works.

The ascendency of the European powers in the 18th century, culminating in the establishment of the British Empire, laid the foundation of modern India’s contacts with the West.

As a whole, the European advent was marked by a relative insensitivity to native art traditions, but rising nationalism attempted a conscious revival of Indian art toward the end of the 19th century.

The bulk of the work at Amarāvatī was produced during their hegemony.

Around the mid-4th century, the Gupta dynasty, of indigenous origin, rapidly expanded its power, uprooting the last remnants of foreign rule and succeeding in bringing almost all of northern India under its sway.

Large Hindu kingdoms enjoying differing degrees of independence continued to exist chiefly in Rājasthān and portions of southern India, but overall political supremacy was vested with the Islāmic states.